Marathon 45 is done. Despite my plan to take it easy, I got a little carried away in the middle, paid for it at the end. #runwiththemarines #mcm2014 #rwchallenge
Emmett seems to be enjoying his new pad.
Who wore it better? (Belly edition.)
To date, I've run 46 marathons in 28 states, the most recent being West Virginia. Eventually, the goal is to get all 50, but that's going to take a while. Here's a map of the progress. My personal best is a 2:52:11, set in March 2013, but the goal is to improve that too. For more running stats, visit my running log.
#tcsnycmarathon morning is a little different for us this year.
Check out the July issue of @runningtimes. That's me on page 34.
At a luau with my lovely bride.
Fun facts: Robert has run up the Empire State Building's 86 flights of stairs four times. Robert likes watching NASCAR, but doesn't understand all the rules. Robert graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in English Literature. Robert has read every novel published by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Robert is originally from Broomfield, Colorado. Robert is the executive digital producer for Runner's World magazine. Robert is the owner of Ink Plant although that doesn't mean much these days as the shop lies dormant. Robert is 11,485 days old. Robert lives in Macungie, Pennsylvania. Robert has visited 49 states and 7 countries, but none outside North America.
Emmett and I celebrated the milder weather by taking a walk around the neighborhood.
We made it to the expo and picked up my bib. Now the question is, will we make it back tomorrow?
From Saturday's trip to the mountains with @ericasara. #latergram #colorado
Emmett Moshe Reese. Our new baby boy.
Fantastic run this morning. After a week of zeroes thanks to an injured knee, I got out for four miles in NYC. No knee pain!
Nursery artwork is hung. We're ready. #babyreese
Fact: Beer tastes 26.2 times better after 26.2 miles. (And in a dry, non-sweaty shirt.)
After graduating from college in 2005, I decided to start keeping a reading log. Since then, I've read 191 books. That's 67,913 pages in case you're curious. These days, I'm reading fewer books than I once was (thanks mainly to a subscription The Economist), but books are still regularly added to the Reading Log.