Welcome. This is the personal website of Robert James Reese. There's nothing terribly important here, just a collection of things that had nowhere else to go.
Still snowing.
Emmett, home improvement expert.
Jambo House.
Look Emmett, flamingos!
The fox says that's a lot of medals. #dopeychallenge #pinnochio #disney #wdwmarathon
Halfway done with the Dopey Challenge (depending on how you do the math). #dopeychallenge
So far, I've run 60 marathons in 35 states. Eventually, the goal is to get all 50, but that's going to take a while. Here's a map of the progress. My personal best is a 2:52:11, set in March 2013, but the goal is to improve that too.
Emmett likes the bell on the #phillymarathon medal.
Every marathon should finish with a football and a stadium. So much fun yesterday. (Thanks to @ericasara for the photo.) #marshalluniversitymarathon
Probably should have taken more than a week in between marathons... But #53 is done and West Virginia is officially filled in on my map. #MUMarathon #marathon #run #marshalluniversitymarathon
Emmett, the dinosaur, visited me at work today. #halloween #trickortreat #dinosaur
After graduating in 2005, I decided to start keeping a reading log. Since then, I've read 73,907 pages in 210 books – These days, I'm reading fewer books than I once was, but books are still regularly added to the Reading Log.
Marathon 52 was a fun one. Went out real slow, then ran second half six minutes faster than the first. Great course, great weather. #runwiththemarines #rwchallenge #run #washingtondc
Beautiful morning for a run. #washingtondc #run