Turnaround point on my run this morning. #seenonmyrun #ocean #montereybay
After graduating from college in 2005, I decided to start keeping a reading log. Since then, I've read 195 books. That's 69,264 pages in case you're curious. These days, I'm reading fewer books than I once was (thanks mainly to a subscription The Economist), but books are still regularly added to the Reading Log.
Emmett seems to like the backyard campfire.
At a luau with my lovely bride.
This road looked so good on my run this morning I had to drive back with @ericasara and Emmett to show them. #seenonmyrun #alburtis #lehighvalley #trees #dirtroad
Fantastic run this morning. After a week of zeroes thanks to an injured knee, I got out for four miles in NYC. No knee pain!
Traded in the coast for a different kind of beauty. Tough run (especially with tired legs) but the views at the top were totally worth it. #seenonmyrun #run #hills #pleasanton
"Son, this is a Great Lake."
To date, I've run 49 marathons in 29 states, the most recent being Ohio. Eventually, the goal is to get all 50, but that's going to take a while. Here's a map of the progress. My personal best is a 2:52:11, set in March 2013, but the goal is to improve that too. For more running stats, visit my running log.
Fact: Beer tastes 26.2 times better after 26.2 miles. (And in a dry, non-sweaty shirt.)
Check out the July issue of @runningtimes. That's me on page 34.
Look who I ran into on the Cleveland Marathon course! #latergram #cleveland #marathon #clevelandmarathon
Marathon #49 was a good one. Thank you Emmett for being the best fan ever! Now, beers with our buddies. (Milk for him.)
#family #vacation
From Saturday's trip to the mountains with @ericasara. #latergram #colorado
Terrific run today. Met my buddy Hans for a little trail running south of San Francisco. Gained over a thousand feet in just a couple of miles.
Ran my 48th marathon this morning. It was a half hour slower than last time I ran here, but that was the plan. Took it easy and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. #bigsurmarathon #rwchallenge