The problem with running a marathon in Montana is that it's impossible to get your recovery days in after... With running routes like this, how could I take a zero? #montana  #running #seenonmyrun
After being cooped up in a car all day, escaping for an evening run felt SO GOOD. #seenonmyrun #wyoming #roadtrip #homestead #run
"Son, this is a Great Lake."
#camping #mauchchunk #lake
The rest of the family went into town to go shopping. Emmett and I went for a two hour hike instead. I'm thinking our afternoon was better. #montana
This is how you take a post-run ice bath when in Montana. #montana #runner #vacation #icebath #clarkforkriver
Celebrated my 32nd birthday this morning by running my 50th marathon. My wife, son, mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, aunt, and uncle all travelled out to Montana to cheer me on. Couldn't ask for anything more. #lucky #runner
After graduating from college in 2005, I decided to start keeping a reading log. Since then, I've read 197 books. That's 69,654 pages in case you're curious. These days, I'm reading fewer books than I once was (thanks mainly to a subscription The Economist), but books are still regularly added to the Reading Log.
Go @ericasara! We're out cheering her on as she runs a 5K. #nationalrunningday
To date, I've run 50 marathons in 30 states, the most recent being Montana. Eventually, the goal is to get all 50, but that's going to take a while. Here's a map of the progress. My personal best is a 2:52:11, set in March 2013, but the goal is to improve that too. For more running stats, visit my running log.
Look who I ran into on the Cleveland Marathon course! #latergram #cleveland #marathon #clevelandmarathon
Grandpa babysat so that @ericasara and I could go for our runs. He also served as official photographer afterwards. #colorado #vacation #family #run
Spending my afternoon cooking in the @runnersworldmag test kitchen.
Marathon #49 was a good one. Thank you Emmett for being the best fan ever! Now, beers with our buddies. (Milk for him.)