RJR's Blog, Closed

On Saturday, I ran a 5K in Brooklyn. This is not going to be a race report about it. The writing of such a race report had actually been jotted down in one of my many overflowing to-do lists. But then, as the days passed and I felt less and less enthusiastic about putting pen to paper, I realized that it was silly to have this task hanging over my head when there was nothing mandatory about it.

In the five years that I've had this blog open, I've received at least hundreds, probably thousands, of thoughtful comments. They helped me immeasurably on my path from non-runner to runner and for that, I thank you all. And, I hope to learn more from you all in dialogue elsewhere.

Of course, I'm not really "going away." There are plenty of places where you can still find my writing:

  1. My new-ish column on RunnersWorld.com, Run the Numbers. That has been chewing up way more of my time than expected and is a large part of the reason to shut this down.
  2. My weekly blog posts available to members of the Runner's World Challenge. Another reason why I'm deciding to close this down – I was actually writing two recaps for many races – which is at least one too many…
  3. In 140 characters or less on Twitter as @runRJR. Maybe someday I'll get all my tweets bound into a nice leather bound book. Probably not.

April 3, 2013