Here is a collection of 41 essays that I wrote in response to a variety assignments back in my high school and university days. You can use them as research aids, but please don't plagiarise.
Why Fire? · 2005 · a short essay about the short story "Some Say the World"
The Battle of the Greek Pool · 2005 · an essay about David Bezmozgis' story
Three Wives · 2005 · an essay about Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel Enemies, A Love Story
Relations Between Los Hermanos Penitentes and the Catholic Church · 2005 · a research paper analyzing the way the Penitentes and the Catholic Church have interacted with each other over time
Rosa's Past, Present, and Future · 2005 · an essay about Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl
Cheese · 2005 · an informal essay about the history of cheese, cheesemaking, and other random cheese related information
Overcoming Divisions in A Passage to India · 2004 · an essay about E. M. Forster's classic novel
Chiasmus in Douglass' Narrative · 2004 · essay documenting Frederick Douglass' use of the rhetorial device chiasmus in his autobiography
The Creole Slave Rebellion: Fact and Fiction · 2004 · comparison of the historial Creole slave ship rebellion and Frederick Douglass' retelling of it in The Heroic Slave
Hemingway's Masculinity · 2004 · an essay that shows how Hemingway's ideal of masculinity shows up in The Sun Also Rises
Flannery O'Connor's Support of the Devil · 2004 · an essay arguing that O'Connor is truly on the devil's side while writing Wise Blood
Characteristics of the Heroic Slave · 2004 · essay exploring the characteristics that all heroic slaves possessed
The Irony of Racism · 2004 · analysis of Wole Soyinka's use of irony in his poem Telephone Conversation
Orientalism in Jane Eyre · 2004 · an essay examining the use of race in Jane Eyre
Class Status in Jane Eyre · 2004 · an essay describing the way Charolette Bronte uses Jane Eyre as an example of a character that is able to transcend class boundaries
The Power of the Duke in "My Last Duchess" · 2004 · analysis of Robert Browning's poem
Chinua Achebe's Response to Conrad · 2004 · essay suggesting that Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart, was the antithesis to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Marxist Theory in The Metamorphosis · 2004 · essay exploring the link between Franz Kafka's novella and the communist theories of Karl Marx
1984 and Love · 2004 · an essay describing the types of love displayed in George Orwell's 1984
Bowen's "Demon Lover" · 2004 · analysis of Elizabeth Bowen's short story
Walter Mitty's Reality · 2004 · analysis of James Thurber's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Waitress · 2004 · analysis of Jan Beatty's A Waitress's Instructions on Tipping or Get the Cash Up and Don't Waste My Time
Legs as a Building Block · 2003 · essay describing how the novel Legs serves as the foundation for the novel Billy Bathgate
Filial Piety in Chinese Religion · 2003 · short essay describing the relation of filial piety with Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism
Utopian School · 2003 · essay describing what I see as the perfect school system
The Ambivalence of the Colonized · 2003 · essay explaining the way in which colonized people are forced to become like their colonizers, but are prevented from every successfully doing so
Literary Descendants of the Colonial Native · 2003 · comparison of colonial literature's native characters and post-colonial literature's European characters
Election Reforms · 2003 · essay calling for reforms to the American presidential elections
Ezeulu's Tragic Encounter with Colonialism · 2003 · essay describing the way in which colonialism destroyed the life of Ezeulu in Chinua Achebe's Arrow of God
Different Yet the Same: Kami and Shen · 2003 · an essay exploring the relationship between Chinese shen and Japanese kami
The Relation of a Reader and Writer: Rodriguez and Hoggart · 2002 · essay discussing how Richard Rodriguez incorporates the work of Richard Hoggart into his own
A History of Poseidon · 2002 · a research paper exploring the portrayal of the god Poseidon in Greek literature (especially in Homer's epics)
Abrigos de Piel Son un Asesinato · 2002 · short essay about the ethical problems associated with the fur industry (en español)
Freire the Depositor · 2002 · essay explaining how Freires own writing fails to be in the spirit of his problem-posing education ideals
Views of Columbine · 2001 · essay looking at the Columbine High School shootings from different points of view
Cafeteria · 2001 · essay documenting the social interaction that takes place in the cafeteria
The Characters of Hard Times · 2000 · essay explaining how the characters in Charles Dickens Hard Times represented the English social castes
On Candide · 2000 · essay documenting Voltaires attacks on religion in Candide
Machiavelli's Prince · 1999 · essay outlining Niccolò Machiavellis political views reflected in The Prince
The Hundred Years War · 1999 · essay about The Hundred Years War fought by England and France
Mean God or Nice God? · 1998 · essay describing how The Scarlet Letter depicted God as an angry and vengeful being