So far, I’ve run 70 marathons in 39 states. Eventually, I’d like to get that to all fifty states, but I don’t want it to be one of those compulsive quests. Instead, I’m looking for a nice leisurely exploration of the country over the next several years.

RaceFinish Time
2013 Lucky Little Rock Marathon2:52:11
2012 Vermont City Marathon2:52:38
2011 Philadelphia Marathon2:53:42
2010 Boston Marathon2:53:57
2013 Big Sur International Marathon2:55:41
2012 Gansett Marathon2:57:38
2014 Knoxville Marathon2:57:48
2012 Philadelphia Marathon2:57:50
2009 Philadelphia Marathon2:57:52
2010 New York City Marathon2:58:09
2011 Boston Marathon2:59:13
2012 Shamrock Marathon2:59:22
2012 Mississippi Blues Marathon2:59:37
2010 Philadelphia Marathon2:59:43
2012 Big Sur International Marathon3:02:22
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon3:03:59
2009 Delaware Marathon3:04:31
2009 Chicago Marathon3:05:14
2013 Pittsburgh Marathon3:05:52
2012 Dallas Marathon3:06:38
2010 HMRRC Winter Marathon3:07:14
2012 Hartford Marathon3:10:07
2015 Walt Disney World Marathon3:11:43
2012 Marine Corps Marathon3:12:21
2016 Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon3:13:13
2014 Philadelphia Marathon3:13:15
2010 New Jersey Marathon3:13:16
2012 New Hampshire Marathon3:13:18
2013 Baltimore Marathon3:13:19
2015 Philadelphia Marathon3:14:05
2015 Marine Corps Marathon3:14:12
2013 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon3:14:24
2014 Maui Oceanfront Marathon3:14:31
2013 Marine Corps Marathon3:15:44
2013 Philadelphia Marathon3:15:44
2015 Marshall University Marathon3:16:03
2012 Grandma's Marathon3:16:10
2015 Cleveland Marathon3:16:18
2014 Omaha Marathon3:16:19
2016 Myrtle Beach Marathon3:16:23
2017 The Arizona Marathon3:16:24
2012 First Light Marathon3:16:40
2008 Philadelphia Marathon3:16:41
2012 Maine Marathon3:16:59
2017 Walt Disney World Marathon3:17:35
2014 Marine Corps Marathon3:18:02
2014 Freedom's Run Marathon3:18:14
2016 Asheville Marathon3:18:31
2016 Chicago Marathon3:18:46
2016 Marine Corps Marathon3:19:56
2010 San Francisco Marathon3:20:19
2016 Big Sur International Marathon3:20:31
2015 Portland Marathon3:21:45
2015 Missoula Marathon3:21:50
2014 Walt Disney World Marathon3:22:34
2015 Big Sur International Marathon3:23:20
2017 Marine Corps Marathon3:23:32
2017 Big Sur International Marathon3:23:37
2016 Bismarck Marathon3:24:08
2016 Walt Disney World Marathon3:26:21
2013 Wyoming Marathon3:27:56
2011 Atlanta Marathon3:28:41
2014 Estes Park Marathon3:30:02
2018 Walt Disney World Marathon3:32:17
2017 Horse Capital Marathon3:33:28
2017 Angel Fire Adventure Marathon3:39:10
2016 Grand Island Trail Marathon3:40:46
2011 The Valentine's Day Marathon4:06:59
2011 Aspen Backcountry Marathon4:44:57
2010 Leadville Trail Marathon4:58:57

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