Snow Day · We woke up to about six inches of freshly fallen snow this morning. After our chores were done, we went out to have some fun in the snow.
Finding the Best Task List · Keeping on top of all of your tasks can be a challenge. You need the right to-do list to help you out.
How to Turn Off Your Outdoor Faucets Before Winter · Prevent your outside faucets from freezing during the cold months by turning them off in the fall. Here's a step-by-step guide, with pictures.
ASME National Magazine Awards Nomination · Our presentation is a finalist in the Multimedia category for the 2016 awards.
Lubricate Garage Door Opener · Quick guide showing how to lube your garage door opener. Should be done once a year.
Furnace Troubles · A struggle with our home's furnace doesn't end well. Home ownership isn't always glamorous.
Royal 5K · A pair of running races down in the Caribbean.